In the Highlands you will find the colonial cities Quito and Cuenca.

Both have been declared by the UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage sites.

They offer a variety of colonial architecture.

Visit the Plaza de Independencia in Quito’s historic center or

the cathedral in Cuenca. Make a walk in the surrounding streets and neighborhoods and in some places you feel like staying in the 15 th century.


Situated within the Andes they are surrounded by high, snowcapped volcanoes,

some still active! Follow the Avenida de los Vulcanes along the Pan-American Highway from North to South.


Visit the colorful Indian Markets like the famous Otavalo Saturday market and

the surrounding villages and watch the friendly indigenous people working on different kinds of handicrafts.

The Imbabura province offers a variety of great landscape with quiet lakes surrounded by wild mountains and small white towns and villages.


Come to the Cotopaxi National Park to get some great hiking, climbing or biking experience. Visit this area and have a look to the snowcapped top.


Catch the famous train ride from Riobamba to Alausi, have a seat on the roof and pass by the amazing Nariz del Diabolo (Devil’s Nose) in a zig zag course.

Further south visit Ingapirca an  ancient Inka site and get an idea about their habits and life style.

Later head on to Cuenca and visit the Las Cajas NP, a lake district and

visit the small villages around there, like Cordeleg.


Head further south to the Loja and Vilcabamba area to relax in an agreeable climate with pure air and water and take some time for relaxing in a wellness and spa center.


In Banos, the gate way from the highlands to the Amazon lowland area,

you can make some great hiking and climbing and afterwards relax in one of

the hot water pools in town.

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