GUANTANAMERA – Scuba Diving and Galapagos adventures

The Guantanamera Tourist Superior Yacht is the ideal choice for younger sportive people.The yachts design provides all facilities and equipment for scuba diving for beginners or experienced divers. Combined with an excellent service and sportive adventures on land excursions, snorkeling trips and dinghy rides, it offers a very good value for divers and non-divers



Technical Details:

Built in 2000, Length: 19,50m,

Cruise Speed: 9 knots, Engines: Detroit Diesel 500 hp, 2 electricity generators

Navigation equipment: Radar, GPS, echo sounder, HF, VHF, beacon radio,

2 motor dinghies with capacity for 16 passengers

Security: 2 inflatable life rafts for 12 persons, fire system, life jackets, first aid kit



2 suites and 6 double cabins with private bathroom, hot water and air condition,

comfortable bar and lounge area, TV, VHS, radio and sundeck.



7 persons and multi-lingual naturalist guide



Water level dive platform, storage possibility for 30 dive tanks and air compressor,

Full Diving live aboard cruise or optional diving during an ecological guided cruise  and as charter for 14 divers with 2 dive guides.


Optional Diving:

In between an one week cruise you have the possibility for min. 2 - 6 dives.

You are diving from the small dinghy boat. Your dive guide shows you the

best dive sites. He accompanies you during your dive and a sailor stays on

the boat. Full dive equipment is including or if you like bring your own personal

dive stuff and pick up only tanks and weights.

Guantanamera – Central Islands and optional Diving

For everybody’s interest, for divers and non-divers


Sunday: After your flight from mainland Ecuador your bilingual guide picks you

up at Baltra Airport and brings you to the boat.There you receive your cabin and instructions about the procedures and life aboard. After lunch and a short rest

your guide explains to you the Galapagos National Park rules and later on you

visit Bachas beach. On a walk along the shore you see the first Galapagos

animals and have the first chance for swimming.

Back on board you get some snacks and a hot shower.

Your guide introduces the crew to you and you get your welcome dinner.

Every evening the guide explains to you the program for the next day.


Monday: In the morning you visit South Plazas Island with its wonderful

landscape and unique vegetation. You see land iguanas, sea lions, red crabs

and sea birds.  On the way you enjoy your first dive, great swimming or

snorkeling with sea lions, sharks, if you are very lucky with hammer heads,

marine turtles and manta rays. In the afternoon on Santa Fe you watch a sea

lions colony, land iguanas and the typical Opuntia Cactus.


Tuesday: The visit of Punta Suarez on Espanola island is one of the highlights

of your Galapagos trip. Here you see lots of breeding seabirds and from April to December the famous Albatross and a colourful subspecies of marine iguana.

At Gardner Bay with its white sand you have your great chance for swimming,

snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. Also here you find a very good dive spot.


Wednesday: Today you visit Floreana at Post Office Bay with the old whalers post barrel. After a dinghy ride along the shore you get great snorkeling / diving

at Devil’s Crown. In the afternoon you observe flamingos at Punta Cormorant and

on a white sandy beach maybe marine turtles. Later on you sail to Puerto Ayora and in the evening you can enjoy a cold beer in one of the bars in town.


Thursday: Those leaving Galapagos today visit the Ch. Darwin Research Station

in the morning and head on to Baltra airport to go back to mainland Ecuador.

The others visit the highlands of Santa Cruz to see the Gemelos and maybe

giant turtles in the wild. Explore the small town in the evening.


Friday: After breakfast you visit Rabida island with a red sandy beach.

On a walk along the shore amongst sea lions, a laidback lagoon maybe crowded with flamingos and up a small hill you see typical Galapagos vegetation.

On the beach you can relax or go swimming or snorkeling with sea lions.

Back on board you get lunch and may have a small siesta. In the afternoon you climb up Bartolome with its incredible lava formations to get a great view to the Pinnacle Rock and all over Galapagos Islands. After a dinghy ride along the

coast, swimming, snorkeling or diving you go back aboard.


Saturday: In the morning you visit Genovesa on its visitor site Darwin Bay with

its unique wild life and as a special the red footed boobies. Great diving is waiting for you. In the afternoon you go for a dinghy ride along the steep cliffs and on a land visit to Prince Philips Steps.


Sunday: Very early in the morning you visit Seymour island, the breeding area

of the boobies and the frigate birds. After a short ride to Baltra you catch your

flight back to Guayaquil or Quito arriving there in the afternoon.

Those going on the cruise make a dive to meet hammerheads underwater.


Tour Facts and Itinerary :

Sunday:            Baltra, Bachas 

Monday:           Plazas *, Santa Fe

Tuesday.:         Española *       

Wednesday.:    Floreana *

Thursday:         Puerto Ayora – Ch. Darwin Research Station, Sta. Cruz, Highlands

Friday:              Rabida, Bartolomé *

Saturday:          Genovesa *                  

Sunday:            Seymour **, Baltra

* optional diving      ** diving option just only if you are not flying the same day


Interest: Wildlife & Natural History, Diving

Difficulty: All abilities

Activities: Guided land excursions, easy hiking, dinghy rides, swimming/snorkeling

Diving: $ 70,- each dive incl. full equipment

Group size: 16


Duration: 8 days, 7 nights

Departure: Sunday from Baltra, Thursday from Puerto Ayora

Price:   $ 1100,-


Duration: 5 days, 4 nights

Departure: Sunday from Baltra

Price:   $ 690,-


Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

Departure:Thursday from Puerto Ayora

Price:   $ 550,-


Price includes: Accommodation aboard, 3 meals a day, drinking water, tea and coffee

Transfer in/out from Airport/Boat, transport and guided excursions to the islands

Not included: Flight to the Galapagos, NP Entrance Fee, Bar consumption, Tips for crew / guide

Note: The itinerary is subject to change due to National Park rules, weather conditions, seasonal changes or by the captain!


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