Galapagos, the last paradise of the world


Galapagos, the last paradise of the world, is famous for pure nature, flora and its unique wild life. Each island is completely different and offers incredible

landscapes, shores with sandy beaches and colorful blue water.

It’s home of ancient giant turtles and little dragons, here animals don’t have fear and

birds don’t fly away…

In the 19. century Charles Darwin visited the archipel, discovered 13 different kinds of finches and developed his famous theory  “The Origin of the Species”.

Nowadays the Galapagos National Park and the Marine Reserve Galapagos are

declared by UNESCO as a double World Natural Heritage Site.


Experience the islands on a Galapagos Cruise with guided excursions to the islands, dinghy rides, snorkeling or diving and relax on the wonderful beaches.


On a  Combined Tour you stay for a while in a hotel in one of the villages of

the 4 inhabited islands, Sta Cruz, San Crtistobal, Isabela and Floreana and

discover the islands on day tours.


Galapagos with it’s coral gardens is also one of the 7 underwater wonders. 

It is on the hit-list of the 10 world best dive spots and offers extraordinary

Scuba Diving with hammer head sharks and whales.

The famous Enchanted Islands are also known for their wild shores and beaches. Great surfing with the 2. best wave of South America is guaranteed !


Map of Galápagos


Traveling to the Galapagos Islands is possible all year round.

The dry season from January to June has short rainfalls in the early morning,

sun is very strong with temperatures 25 – 30 °C and water very calm with temperatures 22 – 28 °C. The hottest months are March and April.

Rainy season is from July to December with drizzle in the morning and sunshine

in the afternoon, temperatures 20 - 25 °C and water with temperatures 16 – 22 °C

is very wavy. Galapagos has no thunderstorms.


Please follow the National Park Rules and help us to preserve and conserve

the islands for future visitors and generations…


The Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee of USD 100.-  per person

has to be paid cash at arrival at Baltra or San Cristobal airport!

Only new $ bills with no rips are accepted !!!


Insider Tip:

Credit Cards are not accepted and also not very useful on the Galapagos!

The local bank and some few places accept Master Card and VISA

but charge a high service fee (up to 22%)!

Best is to carry Dollar Traveller Cheques or to come well prepared with enough $ in cash!

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