In this section we assist you with National and International flights.


National Flights:

The main cities have domestic airport services for national flights

connecting the entire country including the province of Galapagos with airports

in Baltra and San Cristobal.Exact routes and prices on request.

Please let us know your destination and exact dates when

you like to travel at


Airfare to Galapagos

Round trips from Quito (UIO) or Guayaquil (GYE) to Galapagos (GPS) for

foreigners are valid for one year or for 21 days (low season ticket).


High Season:

1.January – 30.April, 15. June – 14.September and 1.November – 31.December

                               Adult             Child             Infant

UIO-GPS-UIO        $ 390.16         $ 198.08       $ 45.42

GYE-GPS-GYE      $ 345.36         $ 175.68       $ 38.94

UIO-GPS-GYE       $ 367.76         $ 186.88       $ 42.18

GYE-GPS-UIO       $ 367.76         $ 186.88       $ 42.18


Low Season:

1.May -14.June and 15.September – 31.October

                               Adult             Child             Infant

UIO-GPS-UIO        $ 334.16         $ 170.08       $ 45.42

GYE-GPS-GYE      $ 300.56         $ 153.28       $ 38.94

UIO-GPS-GYE       $ 317.36         $ 161.68       $ 42.18

GYE-GPS-UIO       $ 317.36         $ 161.68       $ 42.18



International flights to and from Ecuador:

To reach Ecuador you need a flight from the International Airports ”Mariscal Sucre”

in Quito (UIO) or “Simon Bolivar” in Guayaquil (GYE). Please let us know if you need assistance for your flights and we will organize you your ticket.

Try for help from all destinations all over the world.

From Germany contact or try


We can organize one way and return flight tickets from Ecuador we can organize 

for you on special request. Please let us know your destination and exact dates when you like to travel at


Please take note of entry, visa and leaving regulations. An Ecuadorian Embassy   or Consulate in your country can give you information.

International Airport tax to leave Ecuador is $ 25,- per person

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